Goodhue County Cooperative Electric Association

With more than 90 percent of its members owning homes and farmsteads, Goodhue County Cooperative Electric Association (GCCEA) understands the importance of serving the people in its communities.

“We value all of our members – big and small,” said Kelly Hovel, general manager of GCCEA. “We have a number of family farms that rely on us each and every day for their livelihood, and we work with them using special grants and rebates to save energy and money.”

Eleven of the 19 employees that serve GCCEA are also members of the cooperative.

“We have friends and family all along the lines we serve,” Hovel said. “It means our employees are personally invested in the community and have been all their lives. And it adds to the sense of pride and the accountability we have in the job we do providing safe, reliable and affordable energy to the people that surround our daily lives.”

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