Federated Rural Electric Association

Federated Rural Electric Association serves the heavily agricultural Jackson and Martin counties with an electric system that employs advanced technology and innovative staff. The Jackson, Minnesota-based co-op serves some of the top pork producers in Minnesota, as well as three ethanol plants and a soybean refinery plant. The co-op is also innovative and environmentally conscious, staking claim as one of the first electric co-ops to install a wind turbine in its service territory — a 2.1 megawatt turbine in Welcome, Minnesota.

“We are proud of our rural heritage and have the utmost respect for our agricultural base of members,” said Scott Reimer, general manager. “We see firsthand when the ag economy suffers through tough times, and it keeps us grounded as we evaluate our business model. We need to keep it competitive so our members can thrive.”

Federated also looks for areas to grow its business, such as when it joined other electric cooperatives to add 1,700 members (previously Alliant customers) to its system in 2015.

Federated has a diverse power supply portfolio, which includes business relationships with Great River Energy and other energy providers. As a cooperative, Federated has a history of giving back to its local community, pursuing new businesses for its members and working with Great River Energy.

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