Site Selection: The 2022 Business Climate Rankings

Site Selection: The 2022 Business Climate Rankings Main Photo

9 Jan 2023


The Georgia-North Carolina business climate rivalry was relegated to the runner-up level in this year’s ranking of the best state business climates. Virginia, a frequent top 10 finisher in Site Selection’s annual ranking, won first place over Georgia, a recent eight-consecutive-year winner. Texas finished in third place. North Carolina and Arizona round out the top five state business climates.

Part of the index used to determine the ranking is a survey of site selectors who were asked to rank the states in order of attractiveness based on their experience of locating projects in them. Virginia placed 11th in that category, meaning it did very well in the other components to claim first place overall (see the methodology on page 113). Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia were the top three states according to survey respondents (see the top 10 states chart on page 102).

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