Duluth International Airport outperforms national average of passenger numbers in 2020

27 Jan 2021

Lake Country, Cooperative Light & Power, Arrowhead

The Duluth International Airport (DLH) announced Tuesday their 2020 passenger numbers. A total of 130,994 passengers flew through DLH in 2020. While that’s a 59% decrease compared to 2019, DLH actually retained 20% more passengers than the 2020 national average reported by the TSA.

United and Delta have adjusted the type of aircraft commonly used in Duluth to include dual class service on larger aircraft. Delta is currently operating four daily flights, on 69- and 76-seater aircraft and, in January, United is currently operating one flight per day on a 76-seat Embraer 170/175. These changes vary month-by-month with the airlines responding to the airport’s demand and pre-bookings.  As travel demand returns additional flights will be added to the schedule.

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