How do businesses benefit from electric cooperatives?

How do businesses benefit from electric cooperatives? Main Photo

9 Nov 2023


Electric cooperatives are not-for-profit, member-owned utility companies. Great River Energy is part of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative network — a nationwide alliance of more than 750 local, consumer-owned electric cooperatives in 46 states. These co-ops deliver power and energy solutions to more than 40 million members each day, many of them businesses.

Businesses benefit big from electric cooperatives

When you bring your business to a community serviced by an energy cooperative, your business will experience a number of benefits, including:

  1. Lower energy rates. Since cooperatives aren’t driven by profits and shareholders, and they’re able to reinvest their profits back into the cooperative, energy rates may be lower. 
  2. More reliable service. Because most cooperatives serve a smaller customer base than a traditional energy company, they’re able to make repairs, proactively make infrastructure improvements and respond to issues much more quickly. 
  3. Support for the community. Cooperatives are committed to their communities and do their best to support them. This could come in the form of donations, discounts or assistance with projects.

Great River Energy’s 27 member cooperatives serve communities all over the state of Minnesota. By bringing your business to one of our communities, you’ll enjoy all of these benefits and more. For more information, visit the Great River Energy website.