How our 27 members contribute to help electric cooperatives thrive

How our 27 members contribute to help electric cooperatives thrive Main Photo

23 Nov 2023


Electric cooperatives aren’t motivated by profits. They’re motivated by members. At Great River Energy, our 27 member organizations serve communities across Minnesota, and members have a voice, helping shape our programs, policies, and initiatives.

Electric cooperatives are democratic organizations

When we say that our cooperative is under democratic member control, we mean that we’re operated by our members. Cooperatives are voluntary organizations, open to each and every person able to use our services.

Membership responsibilities may include:

  1. Contributing equitably to the capital of the cooperative to ensure it has the resources it needs to provide reliable service.
  2. Participating in the cooperative’s governance process. Because we’re a member-based organization, members can attend meetings or vote on important issues.
  3. Being a good neighbor. Remember, the cooperative is part of the community. When our members play an active part in the community, it helps us create an effective energy program that supports the needs of the community.

By fulfilling their responsibilities, our members help to ensure that their cooperative is successful and that it can continue to provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy to their communities. To learn more, visit the Great River Energy website.