What Do Electric Cooperatives Do?

What Do Electric Cooperatives Do? Main Photo

9 Aug 2023


What do electric cooperatives do differently from a traditional electric company? Electric cooperatives generate, distribute, and supply electricity to their members, the owners. That’s the biggest difference. Electric cooperatives are owned by members, not by shareholders. As a result, any programs that a cooperative like Great River Energy implements are designed to help solve member needs and to do so in a way that financially benefits members. As a Touchstone Energy cooperative, we are also focused on being socially responsible, advocating for legislative policy that benefits our members, and having a supportive workplace culture. 

What do electric cooperatives do?

Electric cooperatives, including Great River Energy, play a vital role in helping their communities grow and thrive in several ways:

  1. Infrastructure Development: Electric cooperatives invest in building and maintaining essential infrastructure, such as power lines and substations. This creates a reliable and robust electricity network, attracting businesses and industries to the area.
  2. Economic Development: Electric cooperatives support local businesses and industries, fostering economic growth and job opportunities within the community. Great River Energy offers financial incentives and loan programs that businesses can use to support their growth in our service area.
  3. Community Support: Electric cooperatives are deeply rooted in the communities they serve. Great River Energy often sponsors events, educational programs, and charitable initiatives, contributing to its members’ overall well-being and quality of life.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Electric cooperatives promote energy efficiency programs and initiatives, helping residents and businesses reduce their energy consumption and save on utility bills. Great River Energy’s programs make it financially viable to make these updates.

When evaluating what electric cooperatives do, consider that much of our activities are not seen directly but impact daily life. At Great River Energy, our goal is to engage more actively with our community, so we encourage you to learn more about electric cooperatives and to reach out with questions or for assistance.