MN Sites Large Enough for EV Charging Depots

MN Sites Large Enough for EV Charging Depots Main Photo

21 Sep 2022


Great River Energy supports shovel-ready sites large enough for EV charging depots. The Minnesota sites identified in our member-owner service areas are ready for development with the infrastructure already in place. We can provide dedicated renewable energy or a combination of renewable and traditional sources to serve these sites, and ensure that the supply of energy is reliable and affordable. 

MN Sites Large Enough for EV Charging Depots

EV charging depots for commercial and industrial businesses need to be large enough to support an extensive fleet and allow for easy turning and maneuvering of large trucks. These sites are large enough to support these operations and could also provide space for vehicle storage and maintenance facilities. GRE features shovel-ready sites from 1 to 240 acres with options for both small- and large-scale distribution operations.

Most important to fleet electrification is the energy capacity available to support fast and reliable charging. EV charging depots require a lot of energy - energy that can be provided by a member-owner cooperatives of Great River Energy at an affordable rate. 

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