Economic Incentives for a Remote Workforce

23 Mar 2021

While many continue to debate the importance of economic incentives in the site selection process, it may be that incentives are more important than ever. In an unpredictable economy, companies are still poised to spend money; however, they intend do so in the most prudent way possible which means economic incentives are crucial to improving the overall return on investment. This blog aims to describe the overall landscape of economic incentives amid COVID-19 and a changing workforce.

Before diving into the trends around granting incentives for a changing workforce, we would be remiss if we did not readdress the importance of economic incentive compliance. If you have an existing economic incentive portfolio and you have not reviewed each of your incentives and the required project commitments, then you may be squandering an opportunity to renegotiate these incentives. Our blog in September 2020, 5 Actions to Preserve Economic Incentives in Light of COVID-19, provides a good summary of the steps that should be taken to preserve existing economic incentives.

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