The future of power is electric cooperatives

The future of power is electric cooperatives Main Photo

21 Dec 2023


Great River Energy’s member-owner cooperatives don’t just power their communities. They fuel economic growth. We work hard to connect businesses with the resources they need to grow. Our commitment to providing competitively priced, reliable energy, and helping customers manage their energy needs plays an important role in our economic development expertise.

We’re powering the future today with electric cooperatives

Our sights and plans are always set on what’s ahead in order to provide our member-owners with power that meets their needs. Our strong foundation means that we can deliver electricity exactly where you need it, when you need it.

We have a diverse portfolio of electricity sources, which allows us to keep our electricity affordable and ensures we can deliver power around the clock.

  1. Renewable energy comes from natural resources that are constantly replenished. We use wind, solar and hydroelectric power, producing fewer emissions and providing efficient, reliable, and increasingly cost-effective power. We met Minnesota’s standards of 25% renewable energy in 2017 — eight years ahead of the requirement. And we’re just getting started. 
  2. Natural gas generation stations, called peaking stations, can produce precise amounts of energy when it’s needed. These are particularly important during extreme weather, like heat waves, by providing on-demand energy to the grid. 
  3. Combined heat and power is a highly efficient way of producing energy. Our Spiritwood Station in North Dakota, the first of its kind, generates two primary products: electricity and steam. While most plants release the steam through cooling towers, the Spiritwood Station supplies steam to the Dakota Spirit ethanol biorefinery, powering its reigning process.

Our largest priority is delivering to our members and their communities. Learn more about our plans for the future here.