We do more than sell electricity

  • Electrical safety education — Do you need a speaker or presentation given at your next 4-H meeting, school classroom or at some other meeting? We can do a free "hotline safety" demonstration. Our tabletop model shows you the right and wrong way to use electricity. We also have safety brochures and video tapes appropriate for kids or adults.
  • New home or remodeling — If you're building plans for a new house or addition, we'll offer free advice on appliances, heating/cooling systems and so much more. We'll also explain our money-saving programs.
  • Economic development — Thinking about expanding or starting a new business? Perhaps we can help. Different incentives, such as reduced electric rates, interest buy down or possibly grants, may apply.
  • Energy evaluations — Let our energy expert visit your home. We can give you advice on home efficiency improvements ranging from insulation, appliances, heating/cooling systems and so much more. The best part—it's free!
  • Youth programs — Your teenager could win a trip to Washington, D.C. High School scholarships may be available too!
  • Energy conservation — Efficient use of our nation's resources is of concern to your cooperative. Information and assistance are available to you on the newest insulation techniques, energy audits, conservation financing options and other conservation measures.
  • Stray voltage or electro magnetic field (EMF) investigations — Your cooperative has trained staff and appropriate equipment to enable a professional investigation into a possible stray voltage or EMF question. Contact your cooperative if you would like assistance in investigating a possible stray voltage or EMF concern.
  • Other information services — Your electric cooperative has many additional services that are available for your use. Most of these services are free. Call us if you have questions or would like to use any of the following services.
  • Appliance efficiency information
    • Electricity consumption investigations
    • Speaker bureau on energy-related topics
    • Technical support on energy-related questions
    • Heating system for home and ag applications
    • Energy-efficient lighting

Nobles Cooperative Electric