Lambrecht helps market region for data center growth

Thursday, March 29, 2018

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Many organizations and people play a role when it comes to promoting Minnesota as a place to do business, including Tom Lambrecht, economic development services manager at Great River Energy, who recently participated on a panel at the Utilities and Data Center Conference in Austin, Texas.

There, Lambrecht touted the Midwest region’s capabilities for data centers and that, as a utility, bringing this type of business to Minnesota is a top priority for Great River Energy. As large-scale power users, data centers stabilize the demand for power and bring economic growth. They represent large capital investment projects, bring good jobs and are typically compatible with existing public infrastructure. They also raise the profile of the region to other prospects looking to grow.

“It’s a very good thing for Minnesota’s economy and ultimately a good thing for Great River Energy and our members to have more data centers developed in this region. It helps all of us to be more successful,” Lambrecht said.

Lambrecht anticipates taking part in a number of other conferences this year in partnership with local, regional and state economic development entities.

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