Fergus Falls Area Entrepreneurs, Creators & Innovators approaches one year anniversary

Thursday, March 29, 2018

January and February are the months of annual reports for many organizations and for the Fergus Falls Area Entrepreneurs, Creators & Innovators (EC&I) it is not different.

Formed in April of 2017, the Fergus Falls Area EC & I is a monthly gathering of entrepreneurs, technologists, veterans, students, investors, artists and anyone who is an innovation enthusiast. Participants come from multiple counties and attend when their schedules allow – translation: no membership requirements and notices are shared online via Meetup and Eventbrite.

The question could be asked, do we really need another gathering? EC&I members over this last year have, after percolating discussions at their September and November meetings concluded – yes, there is no other venue or group that is open to all, and which carries the mission we have identified with the intention to advance it together.

The EC&I mission is: The Fergus Falls Area EC&I come together to inspire, ignite, grow and act to tackle challenges and explore meaningful innovative solutions for regional, national and global market opportunities, and in so doing strengthen the businesses of participants, fulfill their personal potential and grow our interconnected area economies.

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