Abundant Natural Resources and Raw Material

Our state’s rich history of farming and forestry has evolved into an economic hub delivering advanced agricultural and forest products of all kinds. A strong tradition of sustainable harvest practices has ensured the viability of our natural resources for decades to come. There has never been a better time to expand or relocate a wood products or biochemical manufacturing facility in Minnesota.

15,654,278 Acres of Timberland

and a diverse species mix affords the availability of the right feedstocks for value-added product development

  • 30% aspen
  • 39% mixed hardwood species
  • 31% an assortment of spruce, pine, poplar, birch and fir


Annual net growth of 5.1 million new cords of timber and we harvest less than 50%

Over 50% of Minnesota’s total land is dedicated to farmland.

Agriculture and food industry is the 2nd largest employer.

25 biofuel/biobutanol production facilities and numerous other biochemical start-ups.

Our member cooperatives SERVE 10 OF THE 21 OPERATING ETHANOL PLANTS. Of those 10, we have helped provide financing to seven plants, totaling more than $3.8 million. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture estimates these seven plants use an average of 189.6 million bushels of corn annually.

Minnesota hosts the manufacturing operations of several WORLD-LEADING AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT PRODUCERS. With a skilled workforce and outstanding multimodal transportation networks, Great River Energy’s service area offers highly competitive locations for various types of equipment manufacturers.

THE BIOECONOMY PRODUCTION INCENTIVE PROGRAM was established in 2015 by the Minnesota Legislature. It offers specific production incentives for new advanced biofuel and renewable chemical production.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INCENTIVES can be combined with a variety of grants, loan programs and other economic development financing available at the local, regional and state level across our service area.

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CapX2020, led in part by Great River Energy, has built more than 700 miles of new high voltage electric transmission lines in Minnesota, delivering affordable, reliable electricity.