Get help finding shovel-ready sites in Minnesota

Get help finding shovel-ready sites in Minnesota Main Photo

8 Apr 2024

Great River Energy strives to provide the best index of shovel-ready sites in Minnesota possible with its available land and buildings page and associated search tools. Search filters sort sites by suitability for any business.

Find the Perfect Location With a List of Shovel-Ready Sites in Minnesota 

Type filters allow developers to search for the plots most appropriate for their company: commercial/business, industrial, data center, or hybrid sites. Developers with a timeline in mind can search by development-ready, shovel-ready, and built-to-suit options. New or existing companies with large-scale shipping needs can also search for warehouses, truck doors, docks, and proximity to rail to find suitable capacity onsite.

Developers, entrepreneurs, and executives can search for shovel-ready sites in Minnesota with either a filter or map using our website.