Lutsen lodge under new ownership

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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Lutsen Resort on the North Shore is off the market.

The North Shore Resort Company, part of the family-owned Campbell Hospitality Group in Ontario, purchased the historic resort, which includes the lakeside lodge, townhomes and condos, on Aug. 15 after the property was put up for sale last year.

"It's neat to be the next generation carrying on that legacy," said Bryce Campbell, who co-owns the company with his mother Sheila Campbell. "It'd be nice for people to come up the shore, even if it's a day trip, come and have dinner and see the changes we make throughout the future and hopefully they will be happy with us carrying on the legacy."

The lodge at the 133-year-old resort was the selling point, Bryce Campbell said. He explained that while looking at resorts for sale along the North Shore, they fell in love with Lutsen's lodge and it seemed like the right fit. They plan to add new amenities for guests and update the lodge's guest rooms, but he said they're still finalizing the details.

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