McLeod Co-op Power moving forward on new site

Friday, August 24, 2018

The McLeod Cooperative Power Board of Directors is moving forward to bring together its facilities onto one site at the Glencoe East Industrial Park.

After about a year of negotiations with the city of Glencoe for an approximate 10-acre site, the co-op has the parcel it needs to remedy a too-small garage for today’s large bucket trucks; gain efficiencies by co-locating the pole yard, garage, and offices on one site; provide better access for customers; and serve power to itself through construction of a new facility. The parcel purchase is pending upon final approval of the purchase terms by both parties.

“The current location has served us well for over 68 years, but it can no longer effectively meet the needs of the cooperative,” said Carrie Buckley, MCPA’s general manager. “After many years of examination, we believe now is the best time to undergo this much-needed project. For at least 10 years, and perhaps longer, the Board of Directors has been wrestling with the challenge of fitting our larger, 21st-century bucket trucks into our 1950s-sized garage.”

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