Radical Transformation in the Food & Beverage Industry

29 Dec 2019

Food processing, packaging, and delivery are all being disrupted by changes in technology, consumer preferences, and government regulations.

The world’s population is expected to reach nearly ten billion by 2050, an increase of two billion people within 30 years. What impact is this growth having on the food and beverage industry? Simply put, food supply must increase to accommodate additional mouths, a trend that impacts agriculture as well as food processors.

This is just one of the many factors facing the food and beverage industry today. The sector is always changing, but it is experiencing a true evolution with food production, packaging, and delivery all undergoing rapid changes. Food processors are learning to adapt and keep up with consumer trends, millennial demands, and regulation shifts while also taking necessary steps to prepare for the next round of changes. Though change often corresponds with challenges, this industry revolution ultimately coincides with growth in the sector.

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