MLEC’s Zelenak: ‘Focus is on safety, efficiency, community’

Monday, July 02, 2018

The annual meeting of the Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative (MLEC) at Eddy’s Mille Lacs Lake Resort was attended by 93 members. Minnesota Senator Carrie Ruud attended the meeting briefly, as did David Saggau, CEO of Great River Energy (GRE). GRE is the wholesale supplier of electricity to the cooperative, which is one of 28 different distribution systems supplied by GRE. The full annual audit report of the cooperative’s financial statements can be viewed at the cooperative office.

Board election

Ballots were counted for the election of MLEC board members. Incumbents Bruce Robinson of Palisade and Michael Reem of Aitkin were elected for another 3-year term. Don Appel ran unopposed for another term.

Change is constant

Board president Harold Harms gave an introductory message to the assembled members on the topic of change. His message was that whether it causes apprehension or excitement, change is always with us and will happen whether we want it or not. Harms summarized the year by saying that energy sales have been flat; existing residences and businesses are using less energy due to energy efficiency, yet the costs of running the cooperative continue to increase.  For MLEC to remain financially strong , Harms believes it must position itself to be a driver of change instead of just reacting to it. Communications and economic development are becoming ever more important. Employees and members have to work together to serve the community, always with a focus on providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy.

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