American Peat Technology expanding facilities

12 Sep 2019

Mille Lacs

APT to build new processing plant in the McGrath area

By 2025, American Peat Technology’s (APT) VP Sales and Research Peggy Jones and CEO Doug Green said a new peat processing plant northwest of McGrath will be constructed and ready to refine reed-sedge peat into their products, BioAPT and APTsorb.

The new McGrath facility (to be built on land acquired from an exchange with the county), plus the hundreds of acres of peatland to be harvested nearby, will create 25-40 new jobs and will “hopefully” produce just as much product as the existing plant, if not more, although it’s still “an unknown,” said Green. If hopes are realized, this would double APT’s capable output of BioAPT and APTsorb.

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