Utilities’ Role in the Corporate Location Decision

1 Aug 2019

Conveying a company’s utility needs to service providers and choosing a location that can properly meet those needs — now and into the future — will help to ensure a project’s success.

In today’s competitive landscape, the corporate site selection timeframe from project onset to when the facility is put into use continues to tighten. Decision-makers expect sites selected for new construction or a building chosen for a new operation to have the necessary utility capacity in place from the beginning. Therefore, utility providers can add tremendous value to the site selection process by working with communities, site selectors, and their clients to have plans and approvals in place for system or capacity expansions. 

While utility cost and capacity are not ranked as high as workforce, transportation, and labor costs, one could argue that utilities and their associated costs are just as important when deciding to locate a new and/or expand a manufacturing or distribution facility. Utility providers need to be fully aware of this fact and can be an asset in how they assist in the overall site selection process. Outlined below are several ways in which utility providers can be of benefit in the location decision:

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