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EUCI Utilities and Data Centers Conference

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018 -
Wednesday, January 31, 2018

At: AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center


The explosion of digital content, big data, e-commerce and IoT along with the emergence of Smart Cities across the globe is making Data Centers one of the fastest-growing consumers of electricity in developed countries.  Data Center Operators have a continued effort toward better efficiency with a push to utilizing more renewable power.  As data center facilities are incredibly expensive to design, build, manage and maintain; attractive incentives, partnerships and sites are integral to the success of these projects. Utilities need to be prepared to address the needs of the data centers and the data center end users, while also internally preparing themselves for their own use of data centers for data storage and management, particularly as the inherent growth of smart cities infiltrate the power grid. Data Center operators have to be in tune with both the needs of their end user clients as well as with the benefits of working with utilities to build a successful data center.

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