SelectUSA Webinar: Opportunities in the U.S. Life Sciences Industry

Event Promo Photo For SelectUSA Webinar: Opportunities in the U.S. Life Sciences Industry

August 13 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM


Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM


Join us to understand the latest trends and opportunities to invest in the United States!


    Success in the U.S. market can help drive success globally. With an annual GDP of $20 trillion and population of over 325 million, the United States is the world’s most attractive consumer market, offering unmatched diversity, a thriving culture of innovation, and the most productive workforce. Companies of all sizes – from startups to multinationals – can find the ideas, resources, and market to succeed and grow.

    This SelectUSA Life Sciences Seminar is directed at Brazilian companies and is to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) in the United States. These webinars play an important role in attracting and facilitating business investment and job creation by raising awareness about the wide range of investment opportunities in strategic industries across the United States. Furthermore, this series of webinar allows direct connections between investing companies and U.S. economic development organizations (EDOs).

    Foreign direct investment in the U.S. Life Sciences industry contributes to securing almost 300,000 jobs within the country. The U.S. affiliates of foreign owned firms also take advantage of the United States premium infrastructure by exporting over USD 23 billion yearly!

    During this webinar SelectUSA and Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) will discuss the latest trend and opportunities within the Life Sciences industry and its supply chain. This webinar will be conducted in English, and will start at 3:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time on August 13, 2020.


    Find below the tentative program for this webinar:

  • 3:00 PM - Welcome remarks
  • 3:10 PM - SelectUSA presentation - The U.S. Life Sciences industry at a glance

        U.S. Economic Development Organizations Life Sciences pitch presentation:

  • 3:35 PM - District of Columbia (D.C.)
  • 3:45 PM - State of Florida
  • 3:55 PM - State of Nebraska
  • 4:05 PM - State of Virginia
  • 4:15 PM - Questions & Answers session
  • 4:30 PM - End of the event